a Chinese "sake bottle style" Kiln
The other firings (2000-2004)
Annette stoking,
Gunther watching
Annette & Lucas
Gunther and Peter
listening to Allan
. . . . . . watching the stack and reduction flame . . . . .
Allan . . . . . .
The stack at night
All Photos and Text©Copyright 2006 and 2011
by Brian Carl  Hart
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Fernando, Annette
& Lucas Medina   
+ + + + + + + +
Fernando Medina, my "fireman",
with Annette & Lucas Medina, assistant
"fireman".  ,At the beginning of the second firing,
I realized that I was drinking too much Chinese tea, so
I asked my friend Fernando if he would take over being the
"fireman".  Sure enough, Fernando was the perfect "fireman".  He
knew exactly what to do at all stages of the firing, so, naturally, I became
Fernando's assistant, doing what he said needed to be done.  For the next 4-5
firings, Fernando was the "fireman" and has also helped load and unload the kiln.
Fernando has been a rancher & farmer all his life in Ranchos de Taos, and is a
paramedic in a helicopter in Santa Fe.  Fernando saw me building the kiln
and watched me throwing vessels on the old kick-wheel out in the field
and asked me to give him a couple of throwing lessons.  Fernando
has become a potter and is planning to build his own wood-fired
kiln.  The Medina family have been the best neighbors I have
ever had in my entire life.  If the result of all of my hard
work was that Fernando became a potter, it was
definitely all worth it!  As soon as I am able
to acquire some land of my own, I will
surely build another wood-fired kiln.
(a vessel of words)
Annette  and Allan
Back of chamber
The fire box
Brian was splitting wood at the height of the firing.
Kiln site in winter
Front of kiln at
height of firing
All Photos and Text ©Copyright 2006 and 2011  Brian  Carl Hart / All Rights Reserved
. . . . in the evening